Other services

Our detailed thorough approach, and range of tailored services help to ensure that you will receive the highest quality of care at our Berwick clinic.

Aside from gentle and effective chiropractic care, we also offer myotherapy, remedial massage and homeopathy at our clinic in Berwick.

Myotherapy focuses on the assessment, treatment and management of muscular disorders. Using a range of techniques such as dry-needling, cupping and other soft tissue therapies, our myotherapist will get you feeling supple in no time.

We also stock only the best products to support your care at our clinic. From Australian made latex or memory foam pillows, to foam rollers, lumbar rolls or spikey massage balls. Please speak to one of our staff to find what is right for you.

Woman receiving myotherapy treatment


Specialized muscle and soft tissue therapy, aimed at reducing pain and tightness to restore function.​
Chiropractic neck adjustment


Gentle, safe and effective Chiropractic care suitable for the whole family, from newborns to the elderly.​