Healthy spine
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A chiropractor gently aligns your spine and improves nerve communication between your body and brain. This helps to address a vast array of health issues and improves your overall well-being.

Berwick chiropractors, providing safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care

Our Berwick chiropractors are passionate about helping families and people of all ages live happier, healthier lives through the positive effects of chiropractic. We welcome anyone from infants, to the elderly and everyone in between at our Berwick chiropractic clinic.

The perfect treatment plan for you

We are a multidisciplinary practice and offer a range of care options for our patients. We understand everyone is unique, so we work closely with each individual tailoring specific treatment based on their individual circumstances, needs and goals.

Chiropractic neck adjustment


Gentle, safe and effective chiropractic care suitable for the whole family, from newborns to the elderly.

Myotherapy consultation

Remedial Massage

Specialized muscle and soft tissue therapy, aimed at reducing pain and tightness to restore function.

Meet the team with over 25 years of combined clinical experience

Our experienced practitioners and staff, work closely as a team, to provide our patients with the best possible experience when visiting our Berwick chiropractic clinic.