What to expect in your chiropractic treatment

First and foremost, our priority at Family Chiropractic Berwick is to ensure you are in the right place and have confidence that chiropractic care is right for you.

Our thorough approach and evaluation will enable us to gain a better understanding of your health concerns, to assess whether we can help you achieve your health goals. Below is a guide of what to expect when you visit our practice for Chiropractic care.

First visit

Initial chiropractic consultation

From the very first moment you walk into our Berwick Chiropractic clinic you are welcomed by one our friendly Chiropractic assistants.

Your first visit will take approximately 45 minutes. In this time, you will begin with completing a detailed health questionnaire that will help the Chiropractor gain better a understanding of what is affecting you.

Our professional and friendly Chiropractors will listen to you, and discuss your health concerns and your health goals. We will then begin our full and comprehensive Chiropractic examination to better understand the health of your spine and nervous system. We may also use state-of-the-art computerized sEMG and thermal scans during our examination and postural analysis to further evaluate your spinal health. If required, you may also be referred for x-ray’s which will be bulk billed through Medicare.

These thorough assessments are then reviewed and studied to create a detailed Report of results, which will be discussed with you on your second visit. Depending on your case and presentation we may adjust you on this first visit.

Welcome to Family Chiropractic Berwick

Second visit

Findings and recommendations

Our aim for the second visit is to explain the findings from your history, consultation and examination with you. This second visit will take roughly half an hour and is a very detailed and informative session.

We will spend time reviewing and explaining our findings to you, including the results of your scans/x rays, and discuss what we believe is going on.

We will take the time to discuss if and how we can help you, our suggested treatment plan for you, and our expectations for your treatment, to get you feeling better and achieving your health goals as quickly as possible.

Based on your individual requirements, the Chiropractor may also provide further advice and suggestions on postural and ergonomic changes, stretching and exercises, dietary changes, and other areas. We will also answer any concerns and questions you have regarding your health and chiropractic care.

Once we have thoroughly explained all this info to you and discussed your treatment options we will move on to your first chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractor checking patient's x-rays

Regular adjustment

Tailored chiropractic adjustment

Everybody is different and everyone’s case is different. Each adjustment is specific to you, your needs, your preference and your goals.

We have a range of safe and scientifically validated adjustment techniques to suit everybody. From low force gentle techniques to more manual hands on techniques. 

The adjustment is aimed at restoring the normal motion of the spine and removing any stress placed on the surrounding structures particularly your delicate nervous system.

These scheduled ‘adjustment’ visits are shorter than the previous visits but are the most integral and important part of your care with us.

Chiropractor adjusting patient's neck

Progress visit

Check progress towards goals

Your progress and achieving your goals are a priority for us at Family Chiropractic Berwick, so we may schedule progress evaluation visits to track your progress throughout your care.

In these visits, we will repeat certain tests to gain a better idea on your progress and most importantly make sure you are happy with your care and achieving your desired goals.

Chiropractor explaining treatment options

To book an appointment, please call us on (03) 9796 1799. Alternatively book online, and one of our friendly staff will contact you to confirm the details of your appointment.